Writing Resume

I’m starting to compile some of the articles I have written, or contributed to, over the years. For now, this is what I have. I know there are a bunch more, alas, the location of them escape me at the moment.

“MuckFest MS Boston Race Review”
published via Obstacle Racing Media
May 2015 (guest obstacle race review)

“Down and Dirty: The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs”
by Matt Davis (book)
published by Fair Winds Press
July 2014 (contributed commentary)

“New England Spahtens: The 800lb Gorilla of the Northeast”
published via Mud & Obstacle Magazine
Issue #3 2014 (full article)

“Will USOCR Save Our Sport”
published via Mud & Obstacle Magazine
Issue #2 2014 (contributed commentary)

“A Precious Second Life”
published via Shambhala Sun Magazine
February 2010 (full article)

“Going It Alone: Being an Unaffiliated Buddhist”
published in Buddhadharma Magazine
Spring 2010 issue (contributed commentary)

“Through My Sons Eyes”
published via Elephant Journal
June 2009 (full article)

“Buddhism and Heavy Metal?”
published via The Worst Horse (online magazine)
June 2007 (full article)

You can view my Amazon reviewer page by clicking here

I write reviews and other articles for the New England Spahtens page.

There is also a plethora of original content, and reviewed material, on my old blog “Precious Metal.”


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