Racing Links

The links on this page are mostly local to New England, except for some of the larger race series which do have events in the New England area. If you have a suggestion, please head over to the “Contact” page and get in touch.\

Road, Trail and Ultra Races

B&S Event Management
Northeast Race Management
North Shore Trail Series
7 Sisters
TARC Trail and Ultra Series

Obstacle Races

Battlefrog Series (use code BFDemont to save 15% off)
Blizzard Blast
Bonefrog Challenge
Death Race
F.I.T. Challenge
Merrell Down and Dirty
MuckFest MS
Rugged Maniac
Samurai Sprint
Savage Race
Spartan Race
Tough Mudder
Tuff Scramblers
Vikine Obstacle Race
Warrior Dash
Wason Pond Pounder
Zombie Charge

Obstacle Training Facilities

Elevated Training (Massachusetts)
Shale Hill Adventure (Vermont)
The Loft (New Hampshire)
Unleashed (Rhode Island)
Xtreme Fitness (New Hampshire)


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