50k Checklist, Beginners Edition

I say beginners edition because, well, I’m a beginner at this whole ultra thing. This will be my first 50k and maybe I’m over thinking, but I am a planner and have to make sure I have what I think I will need. I’ve gained valuable insight from folks on how to plan, prepare and so forth. So, for the beginners that may come after me, this is what works for me in my prep.

Of course I will bring a change of clothes, etc. The drive home is 2 hours, I’m not going to just sit in the funky 50k sweaty clothes on the way home, that’d be gross.


Trail Running Shoes (Salomon Speedcross 3)
(2) NE Spahten Drill shirts (one racerback, the other a T)
Under Armor skivvies/ compression shorts (helps keep chafing to a minimum)
Xracewear Spahten shorts (I wear these every race, they hold the bib in a mesh pocket, no safety pins)
Geigerrig Hydration pack
Extra t-shirts
Extra socks
Extra skivvies (of course)
Comfy shoes (to change into after the race, bringing some that are more loose fitting)
Sweatshirt (it’s summer still but it’s good to have just in case)
Stick Roller (gotta roll out them legs)

Nutrition(not all of this is for the race, most is for after when my body is in depletion mode)

Dehydrated Banana chips
Rhythm Superfood Kale Chips
A plethora of Vega bars (thanks Trevor)
A variety of Vega and Hammer gels
Vega Recovery Accelerator
Vega Protein
Tailwind for my hydration pack


A small med/ first aid kit
Bug Spray
Body Glide
Moist wipes

TARC-LogoThat’s about it. I didn’t forget H2O, it seems more than obvious that a ton of this is necessary. Overkill? Probably, but I’d rather be ready than wishing I had brought something. I even got paranoid enough to post on the TARC page. TARC is short for Trail Animal Running Club, they are the folks hosting this 50k. Anyway I wrote this:

“any last minute advice for the TARC Summer Classic this weekend? It’s my first 50k and I’m losing it a little bit…”

What followed was some of the most supportive posts I have ever seen and boosted my morale 1000% fold. I’m no longer nervous, just ready to get this race going! I found out I will not be the only newbie either! CAN’T WAIT!!!

TARC responses


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