Anonymous and Animal Rights Hacktivism

I was just surfing around the internet when I found this. It seems last January the hacktivist group, Anonymous, put out a message. It was in regards to animal rights, trophy hunting, etc. From my viewpoint, it seems this was the only message and they have yet to talk publicly about the trophy hunting resurgence we are seeing.

Here’s the video:

What did you think of it? Should Anonymous get involved in something like this? What help can they bring and how can they expose those that abuse animals?

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I understand that they can do their behind the keyboard magic, but without getting out in front of the issue, I think they may do more harm then good. The benefit of hacktivism is to bring down those that use technology, computers, etc to perpetuate their criminal behaviors. For me, animal rights abusers do it with a cattle prod, closed fits and boots. I’m not sure that shutting down Smithfields network is going to help the pigs suffer less, or how they can keep the families that live close by safe from the fecal matter that is sprayed into the air by the same factory farms.

What am I not seeing?

Yes, maybe they will open some eyes, but what are they really doing? Do you think they are all vegans?



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