Convenient Compassion

Cecil-the-LionI am having a hard time understanding how so many people that are disgusted by a dentist who murdered Cecil the lion, yet are so willing to turn a blind eye to factory farming and the treatment of animals that are raised for food. Yes, Cecil is an icon of sorts, I see that somehow that makes him more special than all the other animals on the planet.What’s burning my ass is the fact that you so conveniently jump on this dentist, yet sit down to a pulled pork sandwich that came from pigs raised and butchered at Smithfields. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out this investigation done by the Humane Society.

And how about the chickens that are injected with so much garbage so they can produce bigger breasts for human consumption. As long as you don’t see it, it’s good right? Ever wonder why you haven’t heard about that either? Try out this link and read what they go through so you can enjoy that nice, juicy chicken breast for dinner.

Your convenient compassion is pedestrian, at best. If you are going to stand up for a cause, be inclusive. What I mean is this, all animal lives matter. Whether it’s Cecil, the pig, the chicken or a cow. They all live and breathe. They are all sentient beings that breathe life in and out through lungs similar to our own. Stop pretending like your diet enables you to look past the suffering of so many animals.

Is it a shame that Cecil was murdered? Absolutely! Should more be done to stop trophy hunting in Africa? Absolutely! But what should be another absolute is that all animals suffer at the ignorance of humanity who someone think our sentience is more important than theirs.

Get off your temporary soapbox, and turn off your convenient compassion. If you aren’t going to stand for all of them, you can’t cherry pick when it fits your needs.


3 thoughts on “Convenient Compassion

  1. PREACH! I thought the same thing when I heard about poor Cecil 😦 This post is wonderfully accurate and articulated in a progressive way. Thanks for reading my thoughts 🙂

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