The Campbell Plan

campbellWho says health isn’t a family affair? Thomas Campbell’s father, T.Colin Campbell, is a household name in plant based health circles. Not only with doctors and researchers, but he is well known with regular folk like you and me. In his book, “The China Study”, T.Colin Campbell put together data in one of the largest scientific experiments which set out to prove that eating a plant based diet can help deter and even cure disease.

Years later, “Whole” was released. This was an extension of “The China Study” yet it took a different avenue. I like to think of the two books this way. “The China Study” is the why, and “Whole” is the what and who. So where’s the how?

That’s the direction Thomas has taken here. Laid out in three main parts, “The Campbell Plan” brings a level of cohesiveness that may help those that are struggling with the transition to a plant based lifestyle. The first section is a summary of the research he and his father put together in “The China Study”. Compared to the book itself, the synopsis of it in part one is clear and concise enough to get the point across to those that maybe had a hard time following along with the size and scope of “The China Study”. There’s a bit more to the section than that, but it’s more of the what that I was mentioning before. Like a good baseball line-up, the section is the table setter as it gets you ready for the rest of the information coming in the next two parts.

The next section is one I really appreciate. Thomas touches on a lot of subjects such as GMO’s, supplements and gluten. I really appreciate his honesty, he doesn’t try to get overly technical and whitewash the issue. Especially when it comes to GMO’s. In certain circles, this is one of the most polarizing topics. The one thing we really do not know, and Thomas validates, is whether or not GMO’s are truly harmful. Yes, we know all about Round Up and Monsanto and the devil, but the fact of the matter is that we just do not know 100%. They don’t sound healthy, I absolutely try my best to make sure the products I buy for myself and my family are GMO free. To me, it’s just not worth the risk. Do we know if someday our kids will be born with three heads? No. Do we know that GMO’s someday might make us superheroes? No. The latter I’m willing to toss down a couple bucks to say it’s not going to happen. I appreciate the last line he has in the GMO section and that is, “…GMO foods are largely beyond the scope of my commentary, but they represent important facets of these issues.” Can;t be any more honest than that. He also basically says, if it’s unknown it’s not worth it. Eat plant based, eat organic, it’s all going to be ok!

The third part simplifies how to make the transition to a plant based lifestyle. Yes, I keep using the term lifestyle and not diet, like the book title implies. Why? Well I don’t really feel like it’s a diet, at least not for me. It’s become a lifestyle. I may eat this way but I talk to people, I advocate the benefits of this lifestyle not only for personal health, but for the many global benefits. But I digress… So in this part Thomas recommends the types of foods, even specific brands, that you should stock your pantry and fridge with. It’s pretty detailed, the info that he gives. It gels into the 2 week plan that he offers and then, at the very end, is a great batch of recipes to make from the foods you just stocked.

The recipes are not over the top and leave quite a bit of space to jazz them up as you see fit. There are recipes for breakfast, lunches, snacks and meals. No matter the season, there is a recipe to fit the bill.

All in all, “The Campbell Plan” is as legit as they come and it’s my hope that more people will give it a try. Maybe a little marketing tip if I may. Make it seem less dry and more shiny. People like shiny, you got to lure them in so they see that this really does lead to the good stuff. You know, better health and all that.


One thought on “The Campbell Plan

  1. I will be interested to read what Campbell says about gluten. I love bread and have no problem tolerating wheat of any kind. I do not think it is harmful to health (if one does not have Celiac’s of course) I enjoyed The China Study and Whole. Thanks for the review!

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