I stumbled upon awesomeness!!

So I am out of my usual Vega protein that I really love. I have a tub of Garden Of Life though so I check to see what else I had. There it was… some Vega Accelerator. The simple equation hit me, add the two and maybe, just maybe, it’d taste like a creamsicle. Vanilla and tropical flavors should at least be close right? It worked and I am a friggin genius! (just kidding, not kidding)

Recovery done right!!

vegagardenoflifeOrange Creamsicle

2 cups water
1 scoop Vega recovery accelerator (tropical)
1 scoop Garden of Life raw protein (vanilla)
6 ice cubes

Shake it up and BAM!! Liquid gold!



4 thoughts on “I stumbled upon awesomeness!!

  1. I’ve never had Vega because it’s kind of pricey for me. I use Plant Fusion and really like it. I love adding it to yogurt and overnight oats. This looks really good though!

    • Agreed, I try to find it on sale. There are lots of sites that carry it and most of the time there is always a sale on it somewhere. I agree, I like the plant fusion too. Trying a couple new ones this coming week, will surely report back, lol!

    • Will most certainly be trying the same recipe with my next order of Vega Protein though, it’s much smoother. I find the kind I used this time, Garden Of Life, was quite gritty.

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