Veganism, are you doing it wrong?!

Passion is a good thing.

It gives you purpose.

It drives you.

But sometimes, it can make you seem like a condescending a-hole!

I’ve known vegetarians and vegans my whole life. I’ve met a wide range of personalities within both lifestyles. Most are caring, kind and considerate. That said, the one thing that seems to be growing in the movement though is the righteous indignation of those that somehow think their cause is better than others.

I was listening to a new podcast today that was recommended to me. I couldn’t finish an entire podcast! Yeah, the vitriol for anything non-vegan was palpable at best. I listened to this podcast episode in particular because one of the hosts had run with a team of runners at the recent Ragnar I ran. I also met the folks she was running with at one of the stops. None of them seemed as catty as the women in this podcast.

They were talking about how awesome the shirts were for the team they ran with, and to be honest, they were right. Heck, it’s what drew me to stop and go talk to them, because, well, I wanted one. Having a message is great, the shirts were great; great! What wasn’t great was listening to one of the hosts tear up others who maybe wore tutu’s, or shirts they made from the office they worked in.

Specifically, she says “I saw all these other teams… a lot of them seemed to be from people’s work places, like Aetna and, who cares? Or they were from a college or they were being quirky wearing tutus or something, like all around creating some sort of team spirit and I was just like wah-wah-waaah. The vegans, they are doing it for real. They are doing it for a good reason.”

I met a group of women who, collectively, had lost hundreds and hundreds of pounds. They had an inspiring message, you can do it when you put your mind to it. You can get healthy! That is an awesome message.

I met cancer survivors.

I met folks running with HIV.

I can go on and on here. My point is, podcast lady, you are a condescending little brat.

There are lots of folks out there, just like this though, and it’s a shame. Their militancy and holier-than-thou attitude just makes them seem abrasive and no one wants to truly learn the reasons behind vegan-ism. Most people have a small idea, but maybe they are thinking of making the transition. Instead of giving them beneficial information though, you go full on brat mode and rant and rave like a lunatic. That person who was open, who wanted to hear the message, that was so interested in truly understanding what the cause and lifestyle is about has now turned their back on it. Good job!

We all find causes that are near and dear to us, I get it. Living a plant based lifestyle has become a big part of mine too, ok. Decision I make, on a daily basis sound something like “is this food good for me, is it plant based?” That is important to me. I have changed my health because of it. Do I talk about it? Sure I do. Too often? More than likely, yes. But you know what, I’m proud of the fact I took it upon myself to change my life and drop my cholesterol by 66 points with plants. Does that mean it’ll work for everyone? No, but it worked for me and I will sing the praises of this lifestyle every day!

I care about animals, ok. I bark at my kids when they kill an ant! I’m aware of what goes on in factory farms and I am outraged about it. Do I talk about it with people? Sure as hell I do, but in a kind and compassionate way. Reading some of the horror stories about these farms is atrocious. There are some great farms out there too though. I talk about them too, because with the bad always comes the good. You know, silver linings and all that jazz?

Isn’t the “movement” supposed to be about compassion and consideration? So how is that working out for you?


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