Cholesterol Case Study: WFPB Works!

badcolesterolOver the years I’ve been going more and more vegetarian. It wasn’t until last year that I went completely plant based. In early March (2014) I had sent in a blood sample to get a lipid panel reading. The results I got back were horrifying.

I was honestly shocked. I had made some minor lifestyle changes besides the diet. I was way more active. I ran often. I participated as much as I could in obstacle races. I went to the gym frequently. I even did burpees for hours at a time, even though burpees suck!

Being someone who is of the belief that some things can be solved with diet and nutrition, I made the adjustment. No more meat. No more processed foods. You get the idea. I ate, and still eat, as cleanly as possible. I am no doctor, so take what I say with a grain of salt, I am not offering medical advice.

Today I went to see my new doctor for a yearly physical. Last week I had gone and had some blood taken so he could see where everything was at. While my numbers were still a tad high, they were not nearly as alarming. Here’s the difference from last year and this year.

Total Cholesterol – 265
HDL – 44
LDL – 194
Triglycerides – 137

Total Cholesterol – 199
HDL – 33
LDL – 142
Triglycerides – 122

A quick bit of math shows that things changed, for the better….

My total cholesterol changed by an outstanding 66 points! Yeah, that’s huge. It’s still high, as most doctors would prefer the number be under 200 (which it is). That said, I’d like to see it lower.

My LDL number went down by 52 points. Again, amazing results. Would still like to see it lower though.

My triglycerides changed by 15 points, and that’s not a biggie, those were within range from before.

Now, my HDL dropped 11 points. This is a bit of a concern as it should be about 60. So, got some work to do there.

All in all, I am pleased. There is no hocus pocus here folks, it’s straight up science. No, I didn’t wear a white coat, but the proof is in the math. The only changes that were made was my diet and exercise. You read into that as much as you want, but the definition of science is:

noun sci·ence \ˈsī-ən(t)s\
: knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation (via


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