It’s not just the science, it’s the humanity behind it

Kool-aid can sometimes be REALLY strong! I mean, you watch this documentary or read that article and the science seems solid right? It just has to be true; so you go all in. Before you know it you’re like a robot, spewing facts and using buzz words that you never knew before. The old you is gone and now, you’ve become a dead ringer for whatever cause you have taken on.

I have found myself there, and at times, catch myself uttering the popular verbiage. I mean, when you hear something like:

“If you flip a coin three times and it lands on heads each time, it’s probably chance. If you flip it a hundred times and it lands on heads each time, you can be pretty sure the coin has heads on both sides. That’s the concept behind statistical significance—it’s the odds that the correlation (or other finding) is real, that it isn’t just random chance.” – T. Colin Campbell (excerpt from The China Study)

With a quote like that, science can’t possibly be wrong, right?

I admit, when I first watched some of the plant based documentaries out there, I was excited. Not because of the scientific proof they glorify, but because of the human stories. Choose any one of the movies and you are going to see them, the overweight folks who are miserable and decide to change their lives. They take so many pills daily it’d make most of us cringe. But, by the end of these films, they not only have lost tons of weight, but they are off most (if not all) of the meds they were on.

You can tell me all about science and mumbo jumbo, but what really impacts people is other people. Testimonials really drive home the fact that the science behind a WFPB diet is legit. We can talk numbers and statistics all day, but the question always boils down to this; does it actually work?

“After years of being overweight, at age 52 my health began to fail. In the first six months of 2012, I had several trips to the emergency room, followed by doctor visits and many tests. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and fibromyalgia. I underwent a heart catheterization and was placed on seven different prescriptions. My life began to be controlled by meds and doctor visits.”


“So after 18 months on a whole-food, no-oil, plant-based diet, I have my health back. I am off all my medications and have lost 75 lbs. I have been released by my cardiologist, and my doctor is amazed by the changes I have made. I am back to working full time, keeping up with my grandchildren, and have more energy now than I have in years.”

Melayna Evans, from

There’s more, not just from the Forks Over Knives site…

Try this article from CNN at The gentleman from the story lost over 120lbs and dropped his cholesterol nearly 40 points.

Surely you can’t believe I’m done right? Like a bad infomercial at 2 am in the morning, BUT WAIT, there’s even more!

This is an awesome piece of writing that nearly had me in tears at times. Deborah’s journey is heartfelt, read more at

Folks, we could argue all day long about why you should or why you should not try whole food plant based foods. The fact of the matter is, data or not, it works. Have I noticed some major changes? I have, not major, but I have seen changes. My energy is more on point. As a runner/ obstacle racer my recovery times afterward are cut in half. Yeah, it hurts less and I can push harder and further.

For me, the big test comes at the end of the month when I finally see my new doctor. I have not seen one in a while, a long while. I am very interested to hear what he has to say and what my blood work says. I have the results of my last panel, and am dying to know what the difference is.

I hope to soon relay my own success story, until then, just do a simple Google search. Just type “whole food plant based success stories” in the search bar and you can read until your heart is content. I know I’m headed off to read a few more…


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