Review: Meat Is For Pu$$ies!

Meat-is-for-Pussies_hc-copyDisclaimer: I’m not here to argue whether the title of the book is appropriate, I didn’t write it nor would I have chosen it for a title if I had. That said, John Joseph did write it and he chose it. It is his view point, not mine. If you know, or have heard of John before, than you will understand the brash, blunt approach he has taken. To be honest, I appreciate folks who don’t mince words and are true to what they believe. I was extremely interested in the book so I read it, not for it’s title, but for it’s content.

Let’s paint a picture of the author here first, that way you can comprehend his gruff approach. John Joseph was vocalist for one of the most influential hardcore bands out of NYC, the Cro-Mags. The NYC hardcore scene is world renowned and the Cro-Mags continue to influence bands all over to this day.

cromags04A cross section of the hardcore scene calls themselves “straight-edge” and you can tell them apart as they always have X’s sharpie’d onto there hands. Without talking to much about that, John Joseph belonged to a growing number of vegans and vegetarians within that scene. John has never been known to pull punches, it’s part of the hardcore lifestyle, and he has been vocal about vegetarianism/ veganism.  That may seem to you odd as most hardcore folk were covered in tattoos, were bruised from the mosh pit and talked like sailors; it really wasn’t uncommon though.

Now that that’s out of the way, what about the book and it’s content?

In 2010 “Meat Is For Pussies” was published. The vegan world really hadn’t read something like it. Sure, there were plenty of books out there that talked about the science behind it, recipe books were abundant, but nothing had been written quite like this book.  John being who he is, didn’t shy away from dropping an f-bomb here and there. He tells it like it is, in his own words. I graciously appreciate that and it reminds me of another character, Noah Levine. Noah is a Buddhist teacher who came from the streets of CA, not unlike John and his NYC street stories. They’ve both grown up though, set a lot of the BS from there lives behind them and become bigger icons within the scenes they are involved with.


photo: Ray Lego

What is absolutely awesome about this book is how it shatters the misconception that a vegan has to be some underweight pip squeak who eats like a rabbit. Have you seen John? The guy is a monster! He’s in the gym frequently and, umm, he’s an Ironman Triathlete! Yeah, you read that right. He’s a bad-ass. Did I tell you he’s also 50+ years old?

Here’s John on diets and dieting:

“I don’t care what your sister or your girlfriend or your buddy at the gym sayd; you’ve gotta recognize diets for what they are; a way for a pussy to take a shortcut instead of doing real work. There are no shortcuts to health and sustainable weight loss.”

I appreciate his “shit list” of food additives. He shares a bunch of his favorite superfoods and tells us why, of course he does. Besides John’s opinions on food and veganism, there’s some workouts in here from John’s trainer and tons of “super badass”recipes.

If you are like me, sometimes you need a kick in the pants and this book, while not a work of academia or literature, is totally necessary. John is as real as they come, expect no less in the book.



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