Winter Death Race: Food and Gear Prep

Here we are, a day out from the race and I think I have everything set.

I’ve been over the list a ton of times, including the additions they have made. Here’s what I got coming with me:

Sleeping bag · 2 Mylar blankets · 2 pairs of gloves · 3 Condoms · 5 Gallon bucket · Axe · Matches · Rain gear · Cold weather gear · Digital stopwatch · Crampons · Hunting knife · 100′ 3/8 rope · Trekking poles · Construction earmuffs · Knowledge of basic skydiving principles · Sleeping eye mask · Locking carabiner · 7L Hydration Bladder · Headlamp (Extra Batteries) · Hand warmers · Garbage bag · Extra clothing · Wool Socks · Facemask · Spahten buff · Spahten Hat · Small First Aid Kit · Compass · Socks (tons) · Boots · Sneakers · Coleman Propane stovetop (w/ extra propane tanks)


I have been cooking and prepping all my food.

Here’s what is coming with me: multiple vaccum sealed bags of beans (kidney and chickpeas) and whole rice (which has kale and collared greens in it as well) · 4 pb&js · 3 banana · a bag of red delicious apples · 12 homemade protein bars · 5 bags of choc covered espresso beans · 5 bags of trail mix · big bag of oats for oatmeal · cookies · Hershey bar · tea · coffee · granola bars · popcorn · a case of water · Vega supplements · Tailwind


I hope I brought enough… This is my last post till the race is over, see you on the flipside!


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