Fitting in a workout when I can… WOD 1/8/15

Wasn’t so much pushing for time today as I was for form. I also have tons of homework to get done before the race next weekend and had to pick up some gear for it today as well. This WOD was the best use of my time for the day.

I did the Crossfit WOD titled “Cindy”.

The workout consists of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Normally you would do as many rounds as you can in a 20 minute time frame. I ran though 10 rounds, again not for time but for form. I also added 10 burpees into the mix for good measure. What’s a burpee? Here’s an old video of me banging out a 100, with an appearance by my two sons that decided to join me. There are hundreds more of those damned burpees heading my way at the WDR, so it was fitting to add those in.

Tomorrow is a leg WOD where I hope to push them as hard as possible. This will probably be the last leg workout before the race… Will share tomorrow.


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