Recovery after running

One of the absolutely most amazing benefits to eating plant based, for me at least, is the fact my recovery is virtually non existent!

I am not an elite runner.

There are many days I don’t get out for a run. When I do, it sometimes causes me soreness for days after.

On January 1st I did a small 5 mile jaunt and expected to not be pain free for 3-4 days. Here we are on day 3 and I’m good to go.

The only thing I have done differently over the past few months is go plant based. I’m no scientist but to me 2+2=4 here.

I have trained in others ways. I’ve done hours of burpees, I’ve created crossfit like workouts and more. My recovery on all of it is half of what it used to be.

Because of this, it’s time to continue pushing to see what the new thresh hold may be.

Yes, I take a couple supplements. They are all plant based though with no junk added to them. One is a daily shake to up my greens intake. The other is a hemp based protein exclusively for recovery purposes.

Blown away by the small changes and am excited to see where training can go from here.


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