2015, Looking Forward

This is going to be nothing like yesterdays 2014 remembrance post, but more of a reminder to myself of how I kicked the New Year off.

Very last minute, I decided to do a polar plunge. I found one that was only 5 miles away from my house, how lucky for me. The idea was to go jump in, get out and throw some dry stuff on and run home.

My wife and two boys came to see me jump in. I was really trying to rationalize why I should not do it, it was cold for cripes sake. My wife kept telling me over and over to do it, then my youngest says, “Dad, mark up!” That’s his way of saying be a man, so I did what I came to do.



and out!


Nailed it!

The air temp at plunge time was a balmy 28 degrees with a water temp just over 40 degrees. I should have stayed in! There was a slight wind, so it felt colder than it was and for the love of all things, I was wet too. As I sat, drying off and trying to put warmer clothes on, my toes really started to freeze. I could barely feel them and what I did end up feeling was something like pins and needles poking into them. Needless to say, I hastened my task at hand and got warm.

As soon as I was dressed it was go time. I hit the pavement and ran home.

It wasn’t an awesome run. My toes were still quite cold and it took about a mile before I got any sensation back in them. After mile 3 I realized I maybe over dressed as I was starting to sweat. But, I achieved what I set out to do for the day.

While my time wasn’t phenomenal, I got the 5.2 miles done.

Welcome 2015, here’s hoping this is a good year!


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