Recipe: Red Pepper and Onion Polenta

polentaThis is an extremely easy recipe. I have not had polenta until recently and cannot get enough of it. There will be more recipes using it as I diversify recipes for every type of meal.

1 package of Pastene Polenta mix
Pastene Red Peppers
Frozen, chopped onion

Pan fry, saute, the red peppers and onions. You can use however much, or as little, as you prefer. Once caramelized, or cooked down to your liking, take off burner.
Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil (add a bit of sea salt to water).
Pour in 2 cups of dried polenta mix and stir rigorously for a couple minutes.
Add in red peppers and onions.

On a flat sheet pan pour out the mix and spread evenly. Refrigerate for an hour.

Once the polenta has settled and has become stiff. Cut into equal sized squares, pan fry and serve.

After having it for dinner, I put the leftover squares in baggies for future use and froze them.



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