Oxymoron #1: Vegan Fast-food

Editors note: This is somewhat of a parody/ comedy piece. It’s not directed at any particular person or persons. If it bothers you, than maybe it was directed at you. The point to this post is to expose a little of the hypocrisy of some folks that are so committed to a movement that they have lost the point of said movement… Anyway…


Yesterday I read an article on Vegan.com that gave some tips to vegans on what fast food chains had menu items that were convenient to the lifestyle. You can read it here http://www.vegan.com/fast-food/.

I joined the discussion on their Facebook page and it became clear to me that my opinion was not welcome. Like most movements though, it’s either tow the party line or get out. So I got out… and fast!

Why was I being attacked? I was simply pointing out the fact that “Vegan Fast-food” is an oxymoron, one of the largest actually. Do they really think that rolling up to Taco Bell and ordering a bean burrito that they are making some ethically correct choice? Are you kidding me? Do you know what’s in that?

I went on the web to try to find out more, and there’s not much that Taco Bell gives you as far as insight into their ingredients, but a basic search of a bean burrito is this:



Notice anything? Look closer…



Hmm! Yeah, I’m pretty sure milk does not fit in the pretty little Vegan box you’ve created for yourself. Well, that’s because it’s not vegan!

Listen, I don’t care that you are vegan, props to you for choosing to live an ethical lifestyle. What gets to me is when one of the largest sites/ resources for the movement is pushing stuff like this. Not only can a simple web search find the info provided above but a simple mental checklist will tell you Taco Bell is not a healthy option, no matter how quick it is.

I get it, you “care about the animals”! The fact of the matter is; you cannot lead a lifestyle that treats animals and others with ethical respect when you do not do it for yourself. When you are partaking in substandard practices for yourself in order to benefit others you are doing nothing but causing harm to yourself. If self deprecation is ok for you, go ahead. But don’t call yourself a member of a movement which calls for your health and care to be the same as those you so valiantly fight for.

saladandvegaHere’s the funny part.

I made some fast food for my lunch, a salad. It had a lettuce medley, radishes, broccoli, sliced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots and shredded cauliflower. I also brought a bottle of water to add my daily VegaOne into it.

In my haste to leave the house, I forgot to bring a dressing. I had to settle… I went in to a McDonalds and got a packet of the Newman Own italian dressing!! lol!!

ps. I am not vegan!


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