Staying Motivated

Last night I had the honor to partake in a TweetUp w/ Vega called #HealthyHolidays. It was a Q&A session with a number of plant based and vegan bloggers. The conversation was witty, smart and I found a bunch of new folks to follow. You can check out the recap of it at

After seeing they had chosen one of my responses to a particular question, it got me thinking. Here is the question and my response…

8. How do you stay motivated to be active during the holidaysQuestion_8_002

What it got me thinking about is, what truly motivates me.

CS Lewis once said, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” 

I never thought at my age I would even be active, never mind alive. When I was a lot younger I looked at those over 30 as undesirable. I mean, they were old and crusty right?

Here I am at 40 with the biggest race of my life ahead of me. This race though is a one up from the last which was a one up from the one before it, so on and so forth. Without trying, I have been pushing the limit each month and with each race. I think in the back of my head that CS Lewis quote is etched somewhere.

What motivates me is the way I feel when I am pushing myself. I never knew this feeling until a few years ago and thought a few beers always gave me the “feeling”, you know? But now, after hitting the trails, doing some intensity training or running an obstacle race I truly feel alive. Sometimes it might feel like I am battered and defeated, that’s how I felt after the Beast in Killington this year.

That pain though also motivates me. I’ve been in races where something hurts so bad, like a knee, and I push through it. Knowing that the mind can be just as strong, if not stronger, than the body motivates me. I am stubborn and I know if I set my mind to it, it’s going to happen.

I find motivation to be more than just pushing through pain and agony, or getting that medal around your neck. It’s also pride. Not being prideful myself, but when my wife and kids look at me, beaming, and tell me how proud they are of me; that’s what motivates me.

Motivation can even be for one of the most fickle reasons, because everyone else is doing it. LOL! What I mean by that is this, being part of something. The team I run/race with is motivating as all heck to me. I see folks older than me, folks in better shape than me (which is most of them) and even the noobs that are there for the first race. It motivates me to see such a large group of people getting together to get it done.

Lastly, I’m motivated because I know with the nutrition and fuel I feed this body, I can do it. Food is one of the most important parts of training. If you treat your body like a jalopy car and always put substandard fuel in it, it will break down on you.

I could go on and on, but I think those are the most important reasons I am able to stay motivated to be active… yeah, that’s it!


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