Re-purposed Thanksgiving leftovers

Eating plant based can have it’s ups and downs. Especially if you are still attached to the notion that you need to eat meat on holidays. Our whole lives we’ve been taught that a turkey is what makes up the Thanksgiving meal, everything else just revolves around it, right?

Luckily, we know this doesn’t have to be true. There is plenty for us to eat on the holidays, and thankfully, a TON of leftovers. Here’s a few items that I’ve made recently out of leftovers that were awesome.

Awesome Lunch On The Go

Butternut Squash, brussel sprouts and rice.

It’s that simple. I was in a rush to get out one morning and was trying to be as creative as possible without making myself late to work.

We had plenty in the fridge from Thanksgiving, and I always have a container of whole rice for use in meals that call for it. Without much thought I spooned some rice into a container, added a few spoonfuls of butternut squash and some balsamic reduced brussel sprouts. Off I went…

I can eat just about anything cold. In my line of work, having access to something I could reheat lunches is near impossible. That said, I did not have that ability today and ate this meal cold. The brussels stood out, as they do most of the time, but the butternut added a nice sweetness to a plant that I normally think is somewhat bitter. Cooked with a balsamic reduction, like my wife had done on Thanksgiving a lot of that bitterness had gone. This was a nice, somewhat naturally sweet, lunch to break up my workday.

Yummy mid-day snack!

Mashed Potato Patties

I was starving one day, not literally, but my stomach was making noises. I knew I wanted to use up the heaping containers we had of leftover mashed potatoes. I saw some chopped kale, some butternut squash and sweet potatoes.

Seemed simple enough.

As I mixed and mashed this all into patties, I added nutritional yeast w/ a pinch of salt & pepper to season a bit. Using a vegan butter, I pan fried these until golden brown on both sides.

They were pretty soft going into the pan, and not a lot of moisture cooked off so they were soft coming out. The golden brown crisp on each side though made for a nice crunch and texture to an otherwise baby food like snack. Which, to be honest, is not that appealing.

I made a few other snacks and on-the-go lunches, but nothing worthy of mentioning. You would be amazed what you can come up with from leftovers. I do it all the time. Instead of making a complete meal you could always add some sweet potato to oatmeal in the morning, if you have leafy greens leftover they can tossed into a shake.


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