Back 2 Back!

back to back

This weekend I am going to try running my first two race, back to back, weekend.

On Saturday, here on Cape Cod, is the first OCR to be held here. That OCR is Renegade Playground. My wife and I did it last year in New Hampshire and it was fun, though they have struggled with consistency and have a waning number of followers. Regardless, it’ll be great “warm-up”…

A “warm-up” for the Spartan Race I will be running in Amesbury the next day, Sunday morning. My hope is to be up in Amesbury before anyone in my house is even awake, run the race and get home by lunch!!

I know the task is not hard, but I am going to run both of them as hard as possible. My endurance is getting better, but it needs more beating into submission. I have been running more and have added tons of burpees every day, hoping to be up to a few hundred a day by the big Winter Death Race. Slowly but surely I’m getting there, here’s hoping 5 months from today I am truly ready!!


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