I know that smell…

Maybe this is odd, maybe you’ve experienced it.

My father was a construction worker. Ever since I could remember he could build, fix, repair and do whatever with any media. Is it was wood, he could do it. Metal? Yeah that too? Plumbing, yeah he could fix it. You get the idea, he was good at what he did. His name is remembered locally for being an expert craftsman. His finish work work was impeccable. His custom work extra-ordinary!!

Lately I’ve been doing some work around the house and today I was cutting in some tile…

I had a strange feeling, almost like I was sharing some space with someone. And then it hit me… a familiar scent.

I’m not sure about you, but every person I know has a distinguishable scent. That’s not gross, but a smell is as recognizable as a face to me…

As I was cutting tile, I smelled the presence of my Dad. I didn’t get sad or down, but I felt like he was watching my work. I never, ever was a “builder” type of guy. I went the technical route while my three younger brothers followed in his footsteps.

Either way, I felt his presence in more ways then one. His smell permeated and I knew he was there, hopefully he was proud that I was finally learning to do things around the house that I never knew, or did, before… Just thought I’d share…


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