Race Review: Superhero Scramble 2014

SuperHeroScrambleThis event was held on June 7th at Amesbury SportPark. Was my first Superhero Scramble and my first trip to Amesbury!

* Event Details
Parking was easy enough, no issues to speak of. Facilities are what you can expect at Amesbury, and most folks on the team have been there numerous time. I think SHS could have used some more vendors in the festival area, it was still quite empty to me. We were able to get our race shirts, before racing, which was nice. I am getting tired of black shirts, and was pleasantly surprised to see this is a lighter shade of green. I will happily wear this often, material is good to! Typical of most races, you get your free after race beer. It was nice to have a Harpoon and not Coors lite or whatever.

Funny story, when I went to go get my free beer I didn’t bring my wallet. They said I needed my ID to get a blue band, than had to come back to get my beer. I chuckled, out loud, and explained that my 18 year old daughter is graduating tomorrow. I did not show my ID and surely walked away with my beer. It was good!

* Race Details
I hold my head in shame for this next comment, but this was my first trip to Amesbury. I was supposed to do the Spartan in 2012, but broke my hand. Was signed up for 2013, moved to Nashville. The planets had aligned in such a way that I felt like I was never going to get there.

Today, I got there. The buzz around this venue is legit. The terrain in and of itself was brutal, never mind adding in numerous obstacles. Tons of ups and downs, stretched of mud that had me giggling and making squish noises like a pig as I gallivanted through the brown muck!

SHS had some amazing obstacles. There was your standard fare, which I do not need to go into to much detail on. My favorite three obstacles were Leap Of Faith, The Slide and believe it or not, the rope climb. Why? Because I friggin nailed it without knots or the brake technique, just good ole fashioned upper body and grip! Oh, I loved the inverted wall at the end, felt like Spiderman!!

Overall, I would say it was a somewhat difficult course. It’s not a newbies idea of fun as some things might have been to hard. That said, I think most people could have done this.

It’s great to see that feedback has been heard and SHS made some adjustments. I can’t speak on last years event, but if someone asked me if I would do another it would be a resounding yes!

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