What am I thinking?

I asked myself this past weekend at Superhero Scramble, what am I thinking. It was at the “Hell Freezes Over” obstacle that I began to question what the hell I had gotten myself into by signing up for the WDR.

After the initial jump over fire into the water, it was over the berm my question became pronounced. There was a pool of water filled with ice. This is similar, I believe, to Tough Mudder’s “Arctic Enema” obstacle. You had to wade into the pool of ice, submerse yourself under a beam, and get to the other side.

I got out and was instantly shivering. The front of my foot, maybe the tendons, felt frozen. Maybe they were cramping, I don’t know. The fact of the matter is, I second guessed myself.

I’m thinking it’s going to be extremely necessary to start immersing myself into cold water, OFTEN! Whether it’s an ice bath or jumping into random bodies of water that are unpleasantly cold.

Either way, I have my work cut out for me!




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