Why Death Race?

cut and pasted from my Indiegogo fundraising page

So why do a Death Race, it’s sounds selfish right? Hell no! Can I come out a better person? That’s part of the idea I believe, so it’s not selfish. Although I know I am the one who needs the change.

In a way I am doing it for myself. Years back I was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol issues. Since then I changed my diet, started running and exercising. That was when I found out about the world of Obstacle Racing. I have tunnel vision now and think about it all the time. Some friends and I even started one of the largest OCR communities in the US, maybe you’ve heard of the New England Spahtens?

Recently I took another blood test and my cholesterol is still screwed. After much care and consideration, my diet needs tweaking again. Until I can get it under control I’m taking on a strict vegan diet. I had cut out all red meat, preservatives and as much processed food as I could before. It didn’t work. So I am going to train over the next few months completely vegan and do this race as such, for my health.

I am also doing this race to honor someone, my father. We lost him last year after his long battle with Cancer. Years back he was told he only had a few months but he fought, and I mean FOUGHT, to live another 6-7 years past the diagnosis. He stuck his finger right in Cancer’s face and told him not right now, you’re not taking me now! My father taught me to be the man I am today. To work hard and take care of your family. His last few years were spent fixing issues with a house he and my Mom had purchased in Florida, somewhere my mom always wanted to live. With his hands he constantly did what he could to make sure when he passed the woman he loved so much would be safe and secure, and not want for anything else, except to maybe have him back.

He was a man’s kind of man. He wasn’t afraid of anything, even DEATH when it came knocking.

He was a veteran, and fought for our country in Vietnam. He was exposed to Agent Orange amongst other things, it’s nearly certain that is what brought on the Cancer. He never asked for anything though, just treatment. The military did some wacky things to soldier’s back then, and he had every right to piss and moan about it, but he didn’t. I have, but we’ll save that for another time


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