MuckFestMS Boston 2014 Recap


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Event Details
Parking: Fantastic!! Being the biggest team we had premier parking, which meant on pavement and not stuck in mud. That is great for my 2-wheel drive, so that was appreciated. I can’t talk to much on general parking but it looked easy enough and straightforward enough.

Facilities: Great! Registration was extremely simple, showed em my ID and they gave me my bib. Changing tents were convenient, water hoses to wash off with, ample porta-potties. Not much here to talk about, if you needed it they had it!!

Vendors: These guys being an event to raise funds I thought maybe they might reach out to some local vendors to have them set tents up. That said the fest midway was a bit lacking. To be honest, because of it, I stayed at the team tent when I wasn’t running because there were no options.

Schwag: Due to UPS, or someone, making a shipping error there were no shirts or any of the rewards folks had earned for their fundraising efforts. Schwag is nice and all but where I feel bad about this is the fact they are now spending extra shipping to get everything to all the attendees. Having raised nearly half a million dollars, it’s a shame they need to waste money this way.

Timing chip: there wasn’t one. While it’s not important I feel it may cause some folks not to come out. I know I really like knowing how I did, especially if I have run the race before.

Race Details
Course: The course was pretty amazing, made even better by mother nature’s constant raining. They promised mud, there was mud. The trails and everything were marked/ blazed well. The terrain was awesome, loved some of the steep hills. I love hills, yeah they suck to climb, but blasting down them after ward is cool as heck!

Obstacles: There were some standard obstacles but then there were some I had yet to encounter. While not overly challenging they were extremely fun. The swinging balls was fun, and tons of people got their kicks making comments about em. The spinner was interesting concept, it took a lot out of me to not try and climb it, it’s what you do with ropes right? Skid marks definitely “left it’s mark” and again, caused more than a few silly comments to be made. There was tons upon tons of water obstacles, so if you weren’t wet and cold enough from the rain than surely you were after Muck Off and The Swingset.

All in all this was a great event. I can’t wait for the next one and hope it is warmer so more folks could have stuck around and done a few more laps. I was soaked to the bone and shivering, it was time to exit after one lap!



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