Gaspari SuperDrive and Isofusion

Gaspari-Nutrition-SuperDrive-Strawberry-KiwiWe’ll start with the SuperDrive Strawberry Kiwi flavor. It was true to the stated flavor and was a lot less artificial flavored than most. It wasn’t really sugary which I have found with most pre-workouts. It mixed phenomenally well in my shaker and was not as sudsy as some stim pre-workouts become after a good shaking. There were not bits on the bottom, it mixed very cleanly.

I have used this multiple times, but will reference one particular “workout” I did recently after blasting a cup of SuperDrive. I decided to lock myself up in the racquetball court of our fitness center here at my apartment complex, and for one hour, do continuous burpees. I stepped into the court and was starting to feel the surge. I got right to it and started banging em out. Besides the fact that burpees suck horrifically, I was able to bang out 210+ in an hour. At no point did I find jittery, just focused and driven, no pun intended.

I didn’t feel “pumped” at all afterward, just felt really good that I was able to get done what I had set out to get done. I really wanted 300, but I won’t blame SuperDrive for that, I will just blame the absolute suck that is a burpee. Later on I did not crash either, which seems to happen with most pre-workouts that have a good amount of sugar.

Gaspari Isofusion OrangeOn to the Isofusion Orange Cream flavor. Growing up I loved creamsicles. Ok, I still do! So I was psyched to try this stuff out. The flavor was fantastic. I only used it in water, not huge on mixing anything with milk. It was very clean, not to sweet. The orange was more prominent than the cream flavor, but that’s all good. Hell, I even blended this up with an fresh orange more than once, and ice. It was awesome!! When not blended up for a tasty late night treat, I just shook it out with water and it was not clumpy at all.

Has a very good profile, and low calories. Nothing really heavy here since it’s an isolate. That said, it didn’t get me to full but it did satisfy and I wasn’t crazy hungry 30 minutes later. Having finished the tub and not hitting the store to get another protein yet, I definitely can tell I am more hungry in the morning. For the length of use, I had one shake in the morning and one at night. Need more protein!!

I do have to say, at first it reeked a bit of havoc in my digestive system. But after a couple days everything evened out and it was all good from there on out.

If you are looking for a gluten free option, here you go.

Gaspari is one of the most respected line of supplements out there, and that is because what they produce is quality. Thank for the opportunity to review these products!


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