AEN’s Presurge

presurgetrailsizeAEN’s Presurge is an intense pre-workout. Not like the shaky, sweating to death intense way, but more in a focused way. I tried it a few times in a variety of settings, at the gym, on a long run and tonight at home doing a body-weight WOD at home. Tonight especially, I felt locked in to what I was doing and was able to beat my previous time at the same WOD by 30 seconds, which may not seem like much but I was impressed as I barely made the time cut-off last workout since I was burning out. This time I felt I could have kept going, mentally at least, but time was up.

I tried the grape bubblegum flavor and was brought back to my childhood days, it seriously tastes like it’s described. It mixes very well also, I am kind of set in my ways and mix my pre-workouts with a fork to avoid clumping, and this did not clump.

I did say I didn’t feel shaky, and not that I like that feeling, but the only thing I can say is it would have been nice to have a little extra burst. I was able to do everything with perfect form and lock into it, like I said, but with a bit more energy I feel I could have killed another 30 seconds off the workout.

All in all, I would hands down use this again and give it a 9/10!! AWESOME!


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