BSN CellMass 2.0

BSN-Cellmass-2-0-Arctic-Berry-834266002221An opportunity presented itself, and I was offered to test out a tub of Cell Mass 2.0.

I received the Arctic Blast flavor and the taste is decent. It’s not overly fruity, it’s pretty subtle actually. This product, having a good amount of creatine in it, I thought would be gritty and would have a hard time breaking down when mixed. It did not let me down there. They key is to follow the instructions. Added to a shaker it has a hard time breaking down and clumps up a bit, but if you mix it with a spoon (I found it easier to do with a fork) it mixes really well.

After using half of the tub so far I have noticed my recovery times have been reduced greatly, which is fantastic in my eyes. In the industry that I work, I am always moving and need not be limping or struggling to carry stuff after a rigorous workout, or run. I have also noticed the lean muscle I have has become increasingly harder. After a workout and you get that pump you know what I mean. Even after the pump wears off the muscle definitely feels harder and stronger. Cell Mass has helped a ton, I am loving this stuff so far.

I’ve read some other reviews that mention some folks have dealt with retaining water. I have not had that problem, even when I have an over abundance of water out in the field at work.

All in all, I liked this stuff a lot and may very well grab another tub once this one is done, I’m sold!


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