Much needed Inspiration!

After a long, LONG, week at work I woke in a bit of a “funk” this morning. I had no intention of training, no intention of running, lifting… of doing anything for that matter as I was beaten both mentally and physically.

spahtenresultsYesterday, as many of you in the OCR world know, was the 4th annual Spartan Race in Amesbury, MA. It is running again today, as it is one of the largest events for the race series and needs a second day based on the popularity. Yesterday, my team, the New England Spahtens showed up in force. They rolled into Amesbury 245 members deep, not only placing them as the largest team there, but they put put up such good race times they took fastest team of the day!

That, my friends, is what I needed. After seeing the results posted, the stories on Facebook, and more, I realized this “funk” was just me feeling sorry for myself for a bad week. Many of our teammates were tackling the Sprint for the first time, overcoming not only physical obstacles, but the fear that maybe they bit off more than they could handle. They all finished. They helped each other through!

This morning, they are helping me push through as well. I don’t know the route yet, I don’t know the workout yet, but my sorry rear end will get after it today. I know burpees will be completed, in true Spahten tradition of course. Meaning there will be MANY of them.

So, thanks Spahtens, I needed it… BAD!! You are all inspirations, all 1030+ members!! (and growing daily)


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