My Diet Is So Much Better Than Yours! :P

Before you get all riled up, the title of this blog post is dripping, better yet, oozing with sarcasm. Similar to that pink slime mess McDonald’s tries to pass off as chicken. But I digress…

As this blog kicks off, more and more, there will plenty of rants, opinions and the like. I am not trying to tell you how to live, how to eat, how to behave, etc. They are the things that I choose to do, the decisions I choose to make in my life. So when I see posts all over social media groups from condescending, arrogant diet nuts it’s drives me batty.

This guy over here is telling you how awesome his Paleo diet is. How we were meant to be hunter/ gatherers so we should only eat what they ate. Oh yeah? I saw an ad for a new “Paleo” product today that I am pretty damned sure is NOT something our caveman brethren foraged for, the Paleo Wrap! What? Ok, I will give you the fact that the ingredients are indeed Paleo, but yet again, these were not found on a berry bush somewhere in the forest. They were made by a person, thus they are not truly Paleo.

“I’m a vegan and it’s so much better because, ummm, we don’t hurt animals. MEAT IS MURDER!” Sit down already will you? Vegans on a good day can be some of the most militant, and prolifically abhorrent creatures out there. They live and die by their creed of animal liberation and freedom. Listen, I respect that, I seriously do. I mean hell, I have parked my car on the side of the road and stopped traffic to help a snapping turtle make it across without getting smooshed, or damaging an unsuspecting driver’s car. The thing I don’t get is the Vegan’s hatred for such thing as cheese, but they get all up in arms about how awesome their fake cheese is. They will go so far as the recreate pizza with this stuff. Again, don’t get me wrong, I like the stuff and use it. But, isn’t it some kind of oxymoron that you can’t stand something but will do whatever you can to replicate it so you can fill some craving void deep inside? Huh?

What it comes down to for me is eating responsibly. Treating your body the way it ought to be treated. Also, making that choice for yourself, not for everyone else. If someone asks about your diet, sure fill them in, but don’t talk down to them cause they just ate a steak or whatever.

I choose to eat as cleanly as possible. Meaning, I try my damndest to stay away from foods that are processed or have preservatives in them. Why? Well because to me the same ingredients that are used to make a foam cup white do not belong in my bread. Chemicals that make up anti-freeze for my car do not belong in my food, nor do they belong in yours.

The best advice I can give anyone is to look at the label, the nutrition facts label. If you can’t pronounce it at least whip out your smart phone and google it. If google doesn’t know, than you probably don’t want to either and put that item back on the shelf. Diet and nutrition is bare bones folks, it’s simple. Pay attention to everything you put in your body, it becomes you, and vice versa. Eat a Big Mac everyday, you become a Big Mac. Get the idea?


4 thoughts on “My Diet Is So Much Better Than Yours! :P

  1. Loved this! My mind boggles with the number of foods that are on both “You MUST eat this!” and “You must NEVER eat this!” lists, depending on the author of the lists. People are making themselves crazy over food. It’s not mentally, or physically healthy.

    • I admit to a certain level of crazy myself, I guess what brought on the post was the elitism some people in the social media push on others. I did the whole veggie thing many moons ago and while I ate “meat substitutes”, at this time I don’t see the point. If you don’t want to eat it, don’t fake it!

  2. Nothing makes me laugh more than vegetarian pepperoni and hot dogs. If it’s so bad for you, why do you want to replicate it?? lol Do you follow 100 Days of Real Food? I especially love the clean eating tips for packing healthy, well varied school lunches!

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