Never Forgotten!!

A couple of days ago I said goodbye to my father.

He was the best man I will ever know, and hope to mimic in my life. For years now he has kept his cancer at bay the best he can, to make sure affairs were in order for my mother to be set. He nearly always had a hammer or tool in hand to not only make sure the home they shared was in good shape, or to help the neighbors because he knew the quality of his work. He was one of the best at his craft, anyone who knew him would never question that.

He served his country in Vietnam, again, a selfless act as he was always putting others ahead of himself.

While our relationship was tumultuous as a teen, the lessons I learned from him will continue to bear fruit.

He and my mother were married many moons ago, like a real man, he treated her with love, dignity and respect. As I watched my mother stare into his eyes as he passed, I could see nothing but unadultered love and appreciation to have shared this life with him on her face.

The sadness my family has felt over the last couple of days has been replaced with gratitude. You hear stories of people having wished they said this or that to a loved one before their passing. We were extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to do so. It’s been hard, but being able to tell him we love him and thank him for his wisdom is immense. I will miss him, dearly, but I also know his life will live on in all of us. Words cannot express the sorrow my family feels.

I do want to quickly thank the hospice group that compassionately took care of him and made his last few days comfortable. Also, thank you to my mom’s neighbors who graciously brought over food and other essentials. I know now my mom will be ok because she has them to support her.

RIP Dad, you won the battle and your memory will forever live on!


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