The Summer Death Race 2013


***A current list of those that DNF can be found at the end of this, list compiled by Beth of The New England Spahtens

This morning the Peak Summer Death Race officially kicked off. What is the Death Race? From their website:

This is the ultimate challenge. The Death Race is designed to present you with the totally unexpected, and the totally insane! This endurance race is comprised of mud runs, obstacle racing, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges all in a +48 hour adventure race. 90% of you will not complete this endurance race. Please only consider this adventure style race if you have lived a full life to date.

I have many friends/ teammates from the New England Spahtens taking on the challenge. You can follow the race by clicking here and following the team directly, or follow at the Obstacle Racing Media site  right here for all racer updates. If you use Twitter, you can also follow by using various hashtags such as #nesdr #peakdr.

Let’s go get those skulls racers!!

Click for list of current DNF racers

Latest compiled DNF List:

1:00 am Sat DNF:
William Betteridge
EricK Olsen
Christopher bertinit
Anastasia drew
Franck yelles
J.lee hoffman
Angela emily (Injured)

3:00 am Sat DNF:
Jason Bence

3:21 am DNF:
Jason Harsayne

5:55am DNF:
Bill Schlageter

6:25 am DNF:
Aaron McMahon

7:10 am DNF:
Mark Harvey

7:15 am DNF:
Oliver Butler
David Copper

7:45 am DNF:
Jeff Mcaslin
John Ruane
Chris Rubino

8:30 am DNF:
Jacob Bean
Ericka Spelko

9:00 am DNF:
Michael Mills

10:15 am DNF:
Jean Francois Morin

10:20 am DNF:
Stephen Reid

10:25 am DNF:
Christopher Simister

10:30 am DNF:
Ryan Washington
Rhett Pyrdum
Eric Olsen

10:45 am DNF:
Carol Vavrock
Matthew Fullum

11:00 am DNF:
Adam Lieb

11:10 am DNF:
Pierre Svartman
Christopher Bertini
Christopher Kappil

11:20 am DNF:
Timothy Byker

11:22 am DNF:
Michael Moore

12 pm Sat DNF:
Darrel Wurzbach
Lance Sanson
Andrew Koenig

12:03 pm DNF:
Gary Duncan

12:24 pm DNF:
Adam Pichet

12:30 pm DNF:
Jeff Fruhwirt

1:22 pm DNF:
Matthew Zupan

1:37 pm DNF:
Joe Benoit

2:29 pm DNF:
James Lehner

3:10pm DNF:
Sabastian Ewerfzumrode
Kristopher Cicowski
RT Kaufman

3:15 DNF:
Daniel Dodson
Rob Genzlinger

4pm DNF:
Jeremy Jenkins

7:30 pm DNF:
Benjamin Sexton
Erick Garcia
James Althaus
Christopher Sterling
Doug Bowman
Mike Sandercock
Brian Bresee
Commodore Mann
Zoltan Torrico
Anthony Puntel
Mike Miller

8:30 pm DNF:
Craig Vavrock
James Korak
John Pollock
Ande Wegner
Steve Pigott
Daniel Ricci

9:00 pm DNF:
Nele Schulze
John Darling
Timothy Francis
Hugh Tower Pierce
Gabriel Berkey
Stuart Klaas
Jim Goundry

10:30 pm DNF:
Todd Sedlack
Barclay Williamson
Louis Turnbull


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