MHP “Up Your Mass” Review

Up Your MASS by MHP 5 lbI had gone to this stuff based on a few recommendations. Although I am nearly 40 years old, I have the metabolism of a 18 year old kid. I eat it, and it’s burnt right off. Unless of course I eat a bunch of crap, I have no problem putting fat on! That said, I was looking to lose some fat but gain some muscle weight, so I gave this stuff a shot.

Simple things first, flavor. I have tried 3 different flavors like vanilla, cinnabun and cookies `n cream. Vanilla was just that, vanilla. It wasn’t something I am going to freak out about, or that will set your taste buds ablaze, that said it can be used as a base for any flavors you want to add to it. I used honey frequently in my shakes, or added fruit and vegetables. Cookies `n cream was harsh, very synthetic tasting and I just couldn’t really get a hold on why it tasted so bad. It’s not like it was undrinkable, it was just not something enjoyable, and more than likely will never order this flavor again. I do have to say, when mixed with coconut mil, it was really good, but regular milk or water, yeah, not so good. Which is fine though, because the cinnabun flavor was flippin’ amazing and you could eat it off a flip flop as far as I’m concerned and it would still taste good!!

I did not take this supplement as instructed. I took it based on my needs, and that was to gain only a few extra pounds of lean muscle. It was there for caloric intake alone as I work all day driving around from job to job and burn through calories fast. The results after a couple of tubs was great. I put on a solid 5lbs and have been able to maintain it, even after no longer taking this supplement. Strangely, not only did I gain lean muscle, but it seems I lost a little bit of body fat as well. My workout routine stayed the same, no more cardio than usual, but I will take the fat loss any way  can get it.

All in all, I am very satisfied with what I got out of “Up Your Mass”. This is a very low cost weight gainer, and will work for just about any hard gainer out there, I am proof of that. I order my supplements for the most part online, you can find “Up Your Mass” for a great price right here —>

Yeah, it’s the link to the cinnabun!


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