Supplement Review: Honey Badger Performance Energy

Honey Badger Performance Energy
45 Servings per full serving container

I have tried a bunch of different pre-workout drinks/ powders. Some of the have so much sugar in them my workouts are jittery, and later on in the day, I have that usual sugar crash. I’ve been trying to limit my sugar intake for that reason, among many other’s.

Other workout drinks have a horrible taste, very synthetic. As a matter of fact, I tried one recently that if battery acid had a flavor, it would have been that pre-workout. Honey Badger Lemon Lime tastes just like lemonade, and it is awesome. There is no choking it down. I’m not one to pound the pre-workout anyway, I like to sip it for a few minutes than get my stuff together for whatever workout is ahead.

I’ve used Honey Badger for a variety of workouts, but there are a couple I want to mention. I am no Phil Heath, I workout to keep my body active, strong and fit. Yes, I know that’s what he does too, but I have no ambition to become the hulk either. I do a lot of obstacle racing. Stuff like Spartan Race, Hero Rush, Warrior Dash and well, you get the idea. I also like to run, as much as I can. I am not an elite athlete to say the least. Anyway, I have pr’d while doing back one day, my back cable rows increased by 20lbs and my lat pull-downs increased by 20lbs as well. The other day I ran for nearly 7 miles, my longest distance to date. Both times, I had downed some Honey Badger. Read into that however you like but I think, and am sure, Honey Badger gave me that little extra UUMMPH I needed!

There is another reason I love this stuff and that’s because it has no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. My diet is very strict when it comes to preservatives, so this is important to me. One last thing, I totally came upon these guys organically, through Twitter. I love the fact they are getting the word out this way, it seems to be working extremely well for them.

Give Honey Badger a shot, I’m sure you will like it, it’s a staple for me now!!


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