My plan with this new blog is pretty straightforward, to chronicle my move into the forties. That said, posts will include, and will not be limited to, updates on fitness, supplement reviews, obstacle race reviews, race gear reviews, etc. With my previous blog, I reviewed a lot of books, and would love to do more of that. I reviewed books for some of the larger publishing firms, such as Penguin, Harper, Shambhala Publications, Wisdom Books, Snow Lion Publications, Public Affairs books and more.

If interested, my old blog is archived at It was from a spiritual angle. Although I keep a bit of that, it has become somewhat a part of me, it’s become less of a “label” to attach to myself.

Over the next few days I will also be reposting some content from that blog, and from a blog I write for (an obstacle racing team blog, the New England Spahtens).

So, here’s to a new blog and a new journey to share. I hope you enjoy!

ps. I would love to link up with other similar blogs/ pages. E-mail me at and let’s talk


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