Off the couch, Off the cushion


I’ve been away for a little while… my apologies for the gap in between postings here.

My travels on the “spiritual path” over the past 5, almost 6, years led me to a place I was getting very uncomfortable with. I needed to make some decisions and choose what was most important to me. My life, due to an inadequate amount of energy, ambition and motivation had become stagnant.

For to long I had neglected not only my close relationships, but neglected my health.  Sitting around all day on the couch, tapping away at this computer was not any sort of rigorous activity. Seated upon my zafu, while good for my mind, was doing nothing for me but bringing me closer to a state of contentment. I was ok with just being! Sorry to all the great teachers and masters that say “just be”, it is not that easy, nor does it just make sense.

To “just be” indicates a level of complacency, it means being ok with what and where you are in life. It also means, there is no change, that things just are what they are. To that I stick my middle finger high in the air, I am not ok with it at all! Change is not something that happens, shit happens.

Change is something that is strived for, something we work at. You can’t expect it to happen without putting in a little work, without getting up and doing something about it. It goes for any area of our lives, we need to do something.

I made the decisions I wanted, and needed, to make. I got my ass off the couch, off the cushion and started making changes. I rededicated myself to those I love, not only with my heart and soul, but with my health.

Over the years my cholesterol level has been building and I never knew it, until a recent check up. My doctor, who is a fantastic doctor, recommended we stay away from medicines unless we really needed to use them. The one’s she was mentioning didn’t sound like anything I wanted to take anyway, based on the side effects she was talking about. So she recommended changing my diet, which was easy enough to do and to start exercising.

My wife and I thought bike riding would be a great idea to start with, so we went out and bought some cost effective mountain bikes. The bikes though, weren’t going to do the complete job, I started running. At first I could only run about 1/2 mile at a whack. I started building that up 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile. I worked up my running distances to the point that this past 9/11/11 I ran my first 5k. I was able to complete it in 31 minutes, which is not to bad for a guy who only a couple months ago had the ambition and motivation of a tree sloth. We started doing the P90X workouts. So far, so good. 12-24 hours after each workout the muscles are hurting, which is a good thing, it means we worked out and didn’t just drag ass.

Things are in no way perfect, nor will they ever be, but the direction here is key. Forward and onward, not backward. I refuse to fall back into a trap, I will resist the temptation to “just be”.


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